October 7 2017

Dear readers, –           Amazon sees their delivery costs increase year by year, which is why a company should acquire ‘transport (in recent days, on CNBC spoke of Fedex). That would open doors for further business. http://bit.ly/2yNy7kB More bad news for Amazon: its flagship diamond within TV Show ( “Transparent”) gets “only” one million of viewers, while its competitors get better results:… Continue reading October 7 2017

2 october 2017

Dear readers,   –           An interesting article in which one can not imagine a macro event in the near future that could bring the gold back. http://bit.ly/2xRWxLZ –           Pour parler: next week will come the earnings of Monsanto and Pepsico. http://bit.ly/2fE3l69 –           Beware of earnings from Amazon: the revenues they look good, but have grown much even the “expense growth”. At this step, earnings would… Continue reading 2 october 2017

29th September 2017

Dear readers,     –           Facebook has MA8 that exceeds the MA50 and could be a breakout signal. http://bit.ly/2woq6lr –           Meanwhile, Facebook warns shareholders that there may be limited growth with to. Facebook is trying to involve users with news’ as the video content and community. http://bit.ly/2ydg5vR –           Nvidia will enjoy another Citi BUY and TP from $ 185 to $ 210. http://bit.ly/2fXLnfx –           McDonald’s and… Continue reading 29th September 2017

27 September 2017

Dear readers, –           Good news for Boeing. Following the conflict with Bombarier and the allegations of practicing “too” competitive pricing, Trump raises duties on the Canadian company by 220%. http://bit.ly/2y8LfEy –           Wal-Mart has good growth prospects thanks to e-commerce, but the author of this article shows how to evaluate the intrinsic value at $ 60 and will not increase ‘their… Continue reading 27 September 2017